Books about Italian military history and wargame by Mr. Falco Verna:

- The Sardinian Army* in the 1st war of independence. 1848/49;

- The Sardinian Army in the 2nd war of independence. 1859;

- Goito. 1848 (the  military operations in Lombardy, from March  23 to May 31, 1848;

- I leoni delle Ambe (=Ambes' Lions; rules for playing major battles in the colonial age, 1870-1900, mainly in the Italian East Africa)

- La bella Gigogin (=Little pretty Louise; rules for playing skirmish fights in the Italian wars of independence)


* The "Sardinian Army" actually was the Royal Piedmontese Army. The name "Sardinian Army" comes from the State's name, which was (since the Utrecht Peace Treaty in 1717) "Kingdom of Sardinia". The ownership of the Sardinian island allowed the then Duke of Savoy to be ranked as King, as well as the Duke of Brandenburg was ranked King of Prussia.